How to Keep your skin glowing, supple and fresh this summers?

Summers are in and so are the worries of how to keep your facial skin glowing and fresh. The sun can be harsh but you can always protect and keep yourself away from all the summer skin worries by just following a simple regime. Here we bring some simple tips to help you make your skin look glowing, supple and fresh.

  1. Hydrate – Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. This will keep your body and skin well hydrated and will look fresh. Do not replace water with aerated or soft drinks. This will in turn harm your skin as they contain sugars and flavouring substances. Instead you can go for natural juices like orange or pineapple juice. These fruits are rich in water content and vitamin A, E and C. Further, cut down on your tea/ coffee intake to get the best skin in summers.
  1. Exfoliate – Exfoliating your skin is again very important aspect to keep the skin soft and supple. Exfoliation is done to remove the dead skin cell layer from the face so that the new cells beneath it can come on the top layer of the skin. This process also helps to remove the excess oil and keep the pores of the skin clean and clear. It helps your skin look young and fresh instantly. The scrubs like apricot or walnut are very effective. However, there are a number of methods to make scrubs even at home to exfoliate the skin.
  1. Toning – This is the least talked but is the highly beneficial method to get soft, supple and fresh skin. Most of the toning products are made of natural ingredients like rose, aloe vera, tea, camomile. Toning removes impurities, refreshes skin and maintains the pH level of the skin. Toning can be done at any time of the day. A well balanced toner will leave your skin look absolutely fresh and supple. Do try it!
  1. Exercise – Keep a few minutes for exercise especially out of your daily schedule. Exercise brings dual benefits along with. Firstly, it reduces your stress level. Increasing stress plays with the hormones which directly show on your face in the form of break outs or acnes. Therefore, exercise helps to make your face look bright and young. Secondly, it keeps you fit and active which again is the best way to look vibrant and beautiful.
  1. Sunscreen – Never step out in the sun without a sun screen lotion in summers. It shields your skin from the harsh summer sun by making a barrier between your skin and the Ultra violet sunrays. It is advisable to use the sunscreen with the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) value of 15 or more to get the better results. Also, make sure to buy water based sunscreen lotion instead of cream if you have an oily skin.
  1. Water based makeup – Use minimum makeup in summers to keep your skin light and avoid clogging of the pores. Overdoing the makeup during the summer days can lead to increase in acnes. You can opt for water based makeup products to keep your skin look supple and radiant instead of the cream based.

We hope you will certainly follow these steps to keep your skin look radiating and fresh this summers. Also, shopping online reduces your efforts to go out in the sun and shop. You can buy water based makeup, sunscreen, toners and much more for yourself at http://www.comparometer.IN – India’s best price comparison as well as product discovery website.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Skin

How to Keep your skin glowing, supple and fresh

How to Keep your skin glowing, supple and fresh


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