Top 5 Windows Smartphones Under 5000 INR

A smartphone has become an essential element in today’s world and the most popular smartphone platforms are Android, iOS and Windows. While Google tried to make Android phones cheaper and much affordable using manufacturers and making it open source, Microsoft is also slowly opening up Windows Mobile to iOS and Android application developers. While you might have never imagined this, it is amazing that you could get a decent Windows smartphone for under 5000 INR. Here are the top 5.

Microsoft Lumia 435

One of the newest additions to the Lumia Series, the Microsoft Lumia 435 is the best Windows smartphone under 5000 INR. With a WVGA display having a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels, it is not too great for entertainment, but more than enough for utility applications. The rear camera is 2MP and it also has a front camera of 0.3 MP. It also has expandable memory with a MicroSD card and 8 GB or internal memory. The Lumia 435 also has 1 GB of RAM, which is best for any application, that too on a Windows phone. Beyond all this, there is also Dual SIM capability.

Microsoft Lumia 435

Nokia Lumia 530

The Lumia 530 is one of the last phones with the Nokia brand name. Its specifications are lesser than the Lumia 435 except for its amazing 5 MP camera. This is the smartphone with the best camera under 5K. It has 512 MB of RAM, Dual SIM capability and expandable memory, but there is no front camera.

Nokia Lumia 530

Celkon Win 400

Celkon became quite famous when it entered India with its cheap Android Phones, and now it has even started manufacturing Windows phones. They are cheap, too. The Win 400 is available for less than 4k INR, and it comes with a 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor. There is only 512 MB of RAM, which is a drawback, but as mentioned earlier, a Windows smartphone does not need too much of RAM when compared to Android. It also comes with a 5 MP rear camera and Dual SIM feature.

Celkon Win 400

Karbonn Wind W4

Most of the features of the Karbonn Wind W4 are similar to the Celkon Win 400. It is more or less the same phone, but just with a different brand name. If you had a Karbonn smartphone earlier, and you want to stay loyal to the company, then the Wind W4 is a good option. It is also lesser in price when compared to the Win 400.

Karbonn Wind

Nokia Lumia 520

This is a pretty old smartphone, which was manufactured by Lumia. It was double the price when released, and it is again, one of the best phones with an amazing camera. Though not as good as the 530, it has a camera that can capture extraordinary pictures and videos. There are also a lot of inbuilt features with its camera. It is old, but still worth buying under 5k.


These are the Windows smartphones that you could buy under 5k. Of course, the original Windows experience can be attained only on high end phones, but in case you consider shifting to a Windows phone for a very low price, one of these models could be your best buy.


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