GOSF-2014, A Shopping Extravaganza or Ecommerce Hype – Comparometer tells you All

India’s black Friday- ‘GOSF’ made a comeback with bigger digits and better deals.But,  how  beneficial  the  deals  were?  400+  websites  participated  in  this  3-day shopping fiesta and millions of shoppers queued in to grab the best.  Here we bring you the dissection done by the experts of the finest price comparison site of India, Comparometer.in.

gosf 2014

What’s GOSF?

Great Online Shopping Festival, as all know it is organized by Google every year since 2012. It’s a day similar to Cyber Monday and Black Friday of US, UK & other nations when shoppers jampack the market and sellers give them a gala  time offering heavy discounts on all products.

GOSF 2014

GOSF, India’s biggest online shopping festival by Google garnered 80 lakh visits offering thousands of items at just 299 and most of others at 55% off. Following were the highlights of this GOSF:

  •  Exclusive launch of Nexus
  •  299 CORNER (To attract first time shoppers)
  • 14 minutes free shopping (for few lucky shoppers)

Apart from the sales, visits, discounts what came in as a complete surprise was customers’ response to this shopping fest. The traffic to all price comparison and coupon/cashback offering sites rose to double during 72 hrs online sale. People who  took  to  such  platforms  have  fared  well  due  to  real  time  price  check  as comparing prices by going to each seller’s site is tiring and barren.

What went wrong?

Like  always,  all  Indian  sites  could  not  offer  unbiased  placing  of  products  and disappointed users. That’s something Indian shoppers have been facing for quite awhile now owing to less competition for quality. It’s ordinary to see that half of the times price comparison tools too fail to offer updated information, especially during  a  sale.  Except  of  the  few  who  used  trusted  price  comparison  tools,shoppers ended up buying impulsively. Figures tell us, they still fared good, but our experts perceive, ‘It could be better’.

For GOSF 2015

Only the leading resources are worth your trust, so, next time you are about to put discounted items in your cart, consult them first.

Since  Comparometer  is  set  to  offer  best  shopping  experience  with  its  official launch i.e.   on —–  we believe Indian online shoppers will  have more ease of shopping till next GOSF arrives. The site is dedicated to offer fair pricing, real timechecks and time saving search. So, if you are an impulsive online buyer, catch on with us for smarter shopping.

Till then, stay in touch & get more highlights of ecommerce world to make your online shopping experience better & bigger.

Share your best and worst experiences with BIG-DAY online sales arriving in India.

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About Comparometer IN

Comparometer IN is a finest price comparison website which brings the top 10 shopping websites in India on a common website. Smart shopping !!
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